2022-2023 Savile Bowling Club

*Updated as of 25/11/2022

Savile Bowling Club

Savile Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 6NG
Telephone: 07751 070401

Division 1 Teams

Same positionSavile BDivision 18602320
Up 1position(s)Savile ADivision 17205160

Savile A

 DateHome TeamAway Team
A26/09/2022Bolton Brow BSavile A
H03/10/2022Savile ATodmorden USC A
H10/10/2022Savile ABye
A17/10/2022Cath. Memorial ASavile A
H24/10/2022Savile AHeptonstall A
A31/10/2022Pellon ASavile A
H07/11/2022Savile ABye
A14/11/2022Todmorden USC BSavile A
H21/11/2022Savile ASavile B
A28/11/2022Ripponden Cons ASavile A
H05/12/2022Savile APellon C
A12/12/2022Pellon DSavile A
H19/12/2022Savile ALee Mount A
H09/01/2023Savile ABolton Brow B
A16/01/2023Todmorden USC ASavile A
H23/01/2023Savile ABye
H30/01/2023Savile ACath. Memorial A
A06/02/2023Heptonstall ASavile A
H13/02/2023Savile APellon A
H20/02/2023Savile ABye
H27/02/2023Savile ATodmorden USC B
A06/03/2023Savile BSavile A
H13/03/2023Savile ARipponden Cons A
A20/03/2023Pellon CSavile A
H27/03/2023Savile APellon D
A17/04/2023Lee Mount ASavile A

Savile B

 DateHome TeamAway Team
H26/09/2022Savile BTodmorden USC B
H03/10/2022Savile BBye
A10/10/2022Ripponden Cons ASavile B
H17/10/2022Savile BPellon C
A24/10/2022Pellon DSavile B
H31/10/2022Savile BLee Mount A
A07/11/2022Bolton Brow BSavile B
H14/11/2022Savile BTodmorden USC A
A21/11/2022Savile ASavile B
H28/11/2022Savile BCath. Memorial A
A05/12/2022Heptonstall ASavile B
H12/12/2022Savile BPellon A
H19/12/2022Savile BBye
A09/01/2023Todmorden USC BSavile B
H16/01/2023Savile BBye
H23/01/2023Savile BRipponden Cons A
A30/01/2023Pellon CSavile B
H06/02/2023Savile BPellon D
A13/02/2023Lee Mount ASavile B
H20/02/2023Savile BBolton Brow B
A27/02/2023Todmorden USC ASavile B
H06/03/2023Savile BSavile A
A13/03/2023Cath. Memorial ASavile B
H20/03/2023Savile BHeptonstall A
A27/03/2023Pellon ASavile B
H17/04/2023Savile BBye

Players Summary

Player P W L Scored Against
C. Hiam752458325
D. Williams10131116
J. Booth615342372
J. Burn1105729
M. Davis853498380
M. Robb624366429
P. Hannam743388405
S. Cartlidge844412397
S. Hanrahan21110976
S. Heald853454429
S. Robinson642372328

These players have played at least 1 games this season.

Cartlidge Cup - Overall

Pos Club PLayer W P Scored Against Form
12 Same positionSavileM. Davis58498380L W W W L 
13 Same positionSavileS. Heald58454429W W L W W 
15 Same positionSavileC. Hiam57458325W W W W L 
25 Same positionSavileS. Cartlidge48412397L W W W L 
40 Same positionSavileP. Hannam47388405L L W W W 
44 Same positionSavileS. Robinson46372328W W L L W 
83 Same positionSavileM. Robb26366429L W L L W 
101 Same positionSavileJ. Booth16342372L W L L L 
112 Same positionSavileS. Hanrahan1210976W L 
121 Same positionSavileJ. Burn115729W 
148 Same positionSavileD. Williams0131116L 

Club Stats

Category Score Who
Player Biggest Winning Margin89M. Davis
Team50Savile B
Team Highest Score85Savile A
Team Biggest Winning Margin304Savile B
Team Biggest Losing Margin154Savile B
Team Player111Savile B
Team Position73Savile A

Registered Players

These players are registered but have not played a game this season.

Player Handicap
D. N. Bacon(Minus)15
w/o Savilescr