2022-2023 Hill Crest Bowling Club

*Updated as of 02/02/2023

Hill Crest Bowling Club

Langton Street, Sowerby Bridge, HX6 2EX
Telephone: 01422 831 931

Division 2 Teams

Same positionHill Crest BDivision 215906540
13 Same positionHill Crest ADivision 2154111280

Hill Crest A

 DateHome TeamAway Team
H26/09/2022Hill Crest AArden Road SC
A03/10/2022King X WMC CHill Crest A
H10/10/2022Hill Crest ARipponden Cons B
A17/10/2022Pellon BHill Crest A
H24/10/2022Hill Crest ABye
A31/10/2022Lee Mount BHill Crest A
H07/11/2022Hill Crest AHill Crest B
A14/11/2022King X WMC BHill Crest A
H21/11/2022Hill Crest ACath. Memorial B
A28/11/2022Greenroyd AHill Crest A
H05/12/2022Hill Crest AMytholmroyd B
A12/12/2022Lee Mount CHill Crest A
H19/12/2022Hill Crest APennine A
A09/01/2023Arden Road SCHill Crest A
H16/01/2023Hill Crest AKing X WMC C
A23/01/2023Ripponden Cons BHill Crest A
H30/01/2023Hill Crest APellon B
H06/02/2023Hill Crest ABye
H13/02/2023Hill Crest ALee Mount B
A20/02/2023Hill Crest BHill Crest A
H27/02/2023Hill Crest AKing X WMC B
A06/03/2023Cath. Memorial BHill Crest A
H13/03/2023Hill Crest AGreenroyd A
A20/03/2023Mytholmroyd BHill Crest A
H27/03/2023Hill Crest ALee Mount C
A17/04/2023Pennine AHill Crest A

Hill Crest B

 DateHome TeamAway Team
A26/09/2022King X WMC BHill Crest B
H03/10/2022Hill Crest BCath. Memorial B
A10/10/2022Greenroyd AHill Crest B
H17/10/2022Hill Crest BMytholmroyd B
A24/10/2022Lee Mount CHill Crest B
H31/10/2022Hill Crest BPennine A
A07/11/2022Hill Crest AHill Crest B
H14/11/2022Hill Crest BKing X WMC C
A21/11/2022Ripponden Cons BHill Crest B
H28/11/2022Hill Crest BPellon B
H05/12/2022Hill Crest BBye
H12/12/2022Hill Crest BLee Mount B
A19/12/2022Arden Road SCHill Crest B
H09/01/2023Hill Crest BKing X WMC B
A16/01/2023Cath. Memorial BHill Crest B
H23/01/2023Hill Crest BGreenroyd A
A30/01/2023Mytholmroyd BHill Crest B
H06/02/2023Hill Crest BLee Mount C
A13/02/2023Pennine AHill Crest B
H20/02/2023Hill Crest BHill Crest A
A27/02/2023King X WMC CHill Crest B
H06/03/2023Hill Crest BRipponden Cons B
A13/03/2023Pellon BHill Crest B
H20/03/2023Hill Crest BBye
A27/03/2023Lee Mount BHill Crest B
H17/04/2023Hill Crest BArden Road SC

Players Summary

Player P W L Scored Against
A. Perkins927409616
B. Halliday*927644624
C. Steele211131125
G. Sharp1019606745
G. Swain151411124843
G. Wright1358744838
I. Scoltock1376823843
J. Cameron615421405
J. Halliday13498131037
J. Robinson1587921831
L. Robinson532311286
S. Haynes413247310
S. Pilling*312184212
T. Brumby743506439

These players have played at least 1 games this season.

Cartlidge Cup - Overall

Pos Club PLayer W P Scored Against Form
Same positionHill CrestG. Swain14151124843W W W L W 
28 Same positionHill CrestJ. Robinson815921831L W W L W 
43 Same positionHill CrestI. Scoltock713823843W L W W W 
66 Same positionHill CrestG. Wright513744838W W W L W 
83 Same positionHill CrestJ. Halliday4138131037L L W W L 
93 Same positionHill CrestT. Brumby47506439W W W W L 
104 Same positionHill CrestL. Robinson35311286W L L W W 
110 Same positionHill CrestB. Halliday*29644624L L L L L 
111 Same positionHill CrestA. Perkins29409616L W L L L 
121 Same positionHill CrestG. Sharp110606745L L L W L 
123 Same positionHill CrestJ. Cameron16421405W L L L L 
126 Same positionHill CrestS. Haynes14247310L L W L 
129 Same positionHill CrestS. Pilling*13184212L W L 
134 Same positionHill CrestC. Steele12131125W L 

Club Stats

Category Score Who
Player Biggest Winning Margin115J. Robinson
Team72Hill Crest A
Team Highest Score72Hill Crest A
Team Biggest Winning Margin346Hill Crest B
Team Biggest Losing Margin184Hill Crest A
Team Player126Hill Crest B
Team Position142Hill Crest A
HighBreak37J. Robinson

Registered Players

These players are registered but have not played a game this season.

Player Handicap
A. Dow+15
B. Woodhead*+30
C. Holt-Conway+20
D. Barron+25
D. Halliday(Minus)40
G. Jaskolski+5
J. Farrell+25
M. Barron(Minus)5
P. Brown*+25
S. Conway+20
w/o Hill Crestscr