2022-2023 Pellon Social Club

*Updated as of 02/02/2023

Pellon Social Club

Moor End Rd, Halifax, HX2 0HF
Telephone: 01422 365 163

Division 1 Teams

Same positionPellon ADivision 1141113640
Same positionPellon CDivision 114806480
12 Same positionPellon DDivision 1130113190

Division 2 Teams

12 Same positionPellon BDivision 2155010330

Pellon A

 DateHome TeamAway Team
A26/09/2022Pellon CPellon A
H03/10/2022Pellon APellon D
A10/10/2022Lee Mount APellon A
H17/10/2022Pellon ABolton Brow B
A24/10/2022Todmorden USC APellon A
H31/10/2022Pellon ASavile A
A07/11/2022Cath. Memorial APellon A
H14/11/2022Pellon AHeptonstall A
H21/11/2022Pellon ABye
H28/11/2022Pellon ABye
H05/12/2022Pellon ATodmorden USC B
A12/12/2022Savile BPellon A
H19/12/2022Pellon ARipponden Cons A
H09/01/2023Pellon APellon C
A16/01/2023Pellon DPellon A
H23/01/2023Pellon ALee Mount A
A30/01/2023Bolton Brow BPellon A
H06/02/2023Pellon ATodmorden USC A
A13/02/2023Savile APellon A
H20/02/2023Pellon ACath. Memorial A
A27/02/2023Heptonstall APellon A
H06/03/2023Pellon ABye
H13/03/2023Pellon ABye
A20/03/2023Todmorden USC BPellon A
H27/03/2023Pellon ASavile B
A17/04/2023Ripponden Cons APellon A

Pellon B

 DateHome TeamAway Team
A26/09/2022Mytholmroyd BPellon B
H03/10/2022Pellon BLee Mount C
A10/10/2022Pennine APellon B
H17/10/2022Pellon BHill Crest A
A24/10/2022King X WMC CPellon B
H31/10/2022Pellon BRipponden Cons B
H07/11/2022Pellon BArden Road SC
H14/11/2022Pellon BBye
H21/11/2022Pellon BLee Mount B
A28/11/2022Hill Crest BPellon B
H05/12/2022Pellon BKing X WMC B
A12/12/2022Cath. Memorial BPellon B
H19/12/2022Pellon BGreenroyd A
H09/01/2023Pellon BMytholmroyd B
A16/01/2023Lee Mount CPellon B
H23/01/2023Pellon BPennine A
A30/01/2023Hill Crest APellon B
H06/02/2023Pellon BKing X WMC C
A13/02/2023Ripponden Cons BPellon B
A20/02/2023Arden Road SCPellon B
H27/02/2023Pellon BBye
A06/03/2023Lee Mount BPellon B
H13/03/2023Pellon BHill Crest B
A20/03/2023King X WMC BPellon B
H27/03/2023Pellon BCath. Memorial B
A17/04/2023Greenroyd APellon B

Pellon C

 DateHome TeamAway Team
H26/09/2022Pellon CPellon A
H03/10/2022Pellon CBye
H10/10/2022Pellon CTodmorden USC B
A17/10/2022Savile BPellon C
H24/10/2022Pellon CRipponden Cons A
H31/10/2022Pellon CBye
A07/11/2022Pellon DPellon C
H14/11/2022Pellon CLee Mount A
A21/11/2022Bolton Brow BPellon C
H28/11/2022Pellon CTodmorden USC A
A05/12/2022Savile APellon C
H12/12/2022Pellon CCath. Memorial A
A19/12/2022Heptonstall APellon C
A09/01/2023Pellon APellon C
H16/01/2023Pellon CBye
A23/01/2023Todmorden USC BPellon C
H30/01/2023Pellon CSavile B
A06/02/2023Ripponden Cons APellon C
H13/02/2023Pellon CBye
H20/02/2023Pellon CPellon D
A27/02/2023Lee Mount APellon C
H06/03/2023Pellon CBolton Brow B
A13/03/2023Todmorden USC APellon C
H20/03/2023Pellon CSavile A
A27/03/2023Cath. Memorial APellon C
H17/04/2023Pellon CHeptonstall A

Pellon D

 DateHome TeamAway Team
H26/09/2022Pellon DHeptonstall A
A03/10/2022Pellon APellon D
H10/10/2022Pellon DBye
A17/10/2022Todmorden USC BPellon D
H24/10/2022Pellon DSavile B
A31/10/2022Ripponden Cons APellon D
H07/11/2022Pellon DPellon C
H14/11/2022Pellon DBye
A21/11/2022Lee Mount APellon D
H28/11/2022Pellon DBolton Brow B
A05/12/2022Todmorden USC APellon D
H12/12/2022Pellon DSavile A
A19/12/2022Cath. Memorial APellon D
A09/01/2023Heptonstall APellon D
H16/01/2023Pellon DPellon A
H23/01/2023Pellon DBye
H30/01/2023Pellon DTodmorden USC B
A06/02/2023Savile BPellon D
H13/02/2023Pellon DRipponden Cons A
A20/02/2023Pellon CPellon D
H27/02/2023Pellon DBye
H06/03/2023Pellon DLee Mount A
A13/03/2023Bolton Brow BPellon D
H20/03/2023Pellon DTodmorden USC A
A27/03/2023Savile APellon D
H17/04/2023Pellon DCath. Memorial A

Players Summary

Player P W L Scored Against
A. Bottomley211122111
A. Oldroyd1266742822
B. Littlewood1367729739
C. Gornall541300254
D. Lister1394746661
D. Murgatroyd312174206
E. Whitehead1015296
G. Roberts523277329
H. Coverly303142222
H. Lindsey151141067882
J. Cameron1376726739
J. McAdam1477936864
K. Nicholl1248616704
M. Ingham1358660738
N. Hare1055686692
P. Barker541338237
P. Cameron615225445
P. Craig1477838816
P. King606276396
P. Roberts13310838995
P. Spencer1358650776
R. Armstrong15961053868
S. Crossley743456498
S. Smith523261285
W. Forster14104866784

These players have played at least 1 games this season.

Cartlidge Cup - Overall

Pos Club PLayer W P Scored Against Form
Same positionPellonH. Lindsey11151067882W W W W W 
13 Same positionPellonW. Forster1014866784W L W W L 
17 Same positionPellonR. Armstrong9151053868W W W W W 
25 Same positionPellonD. Lister913746661L L W W L 
38 Same positionPellonJ. McAdam714936864W L W W L 
39 Same positionPellonP. Craig714838816W L L L L 
42 Same positionPellonJ. Cameron713726739W W L L W 
56 Same positionPellonB. Littlewood613729739L L W W L 
58 Same positionPellonA. Oldroyd612742822L W L L W 
65 Same positionPellonM. Ingham513660738L L L L W 
67 Same positionPellonP. Spencer513650776W L L W W 
74 Same positionPellonN. Hare510686692W W W L W 
84 Same positionPellonK. Nicholl412616704W L L L L 
94 Same positionPellonS. Crossley47456498W W L L W 
97 Same positionPellonP. Barker45338237W W W L W 
98 Same positionPellonC. Gornall45300254W L W W W 
99 Same positionPellonP. Roberts313838995L L L L W 
113 Same positionPellonS. Smith25261285W L L L W 
114 Same positionPellonG. Roberts25277329L L W L W 
125 Same positionPellonP. Cameron16225445L W L L L 
130 Same positionPellonD. Murgatroyd13174206W L L 
133 Same positionPellonA. Bottomley12122111W L 
141 Same positionPellonP. King06276396L L L L L 
143 Same positionPellonH. Coverly03142222L L L 
155 Same positionPellonE. Whitehead015296L 

Club Stats

Category Score Who
Player Biggest Winning Margin102H. Lindsey
Team70Pellon A
Team Highest Score77Pellon C
Team Biggest Winning Margin306Pellon A
Team Biggest Losing Margin160Pellon D
Team Player120Pellon A
Team Position149Pellon B

Registered Players

These players are registered but have not played a game this season.

Player Handicap
A. Slingsbyscr
D. Williams(Minus)30
M. Brady(Minus)10
P. Pearson+30
P. Young(Minus)35
R. Needham(Minus)20
S. Beevers+25
w/o Pellonscr