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*Updated as of 13/04/2024

Committee People

Year President/Chairman
2023-2024Mr. G. Sharp
2022-2023Mr. G. Sharp
2021-2022Mr. G. Sharp
2019-2020Mr. T.McBride
2018-2019Mr. T.McBride
2017-2018Mr. T.McBride
2016-2017Mr. T.McBride
2015-2016Mr. T.McBride
2014-2015Mr. T.McBride
2013-2014Mr. T.McBride
2012-2013Mr. T.McBride
2011-2012Mr. T.McBride
Year Senior Vice President
2023-2024Mr. J. Cameron
2022-2023Mr. J. Cameron
2021-2022Mr. P. Bull
2014-2015Mr. S. Robertshaw
2013-2014Mr. S. Robertshaw
2012-2013Mr. S. Robertshaw
2011-2012Mr. S. Robertshaw
Year Junior Vice President
2023-2024Mr. P. Berry
2022-2023Mr. P. Berry
2021-2022Mr. P Berry
2019-2020Mr. P. Berry
2018-2019Mr. P. Berry
2017-2018Mr. P. Berry
2016-2017Mr. P. Berry
2015-2016Mr. P. Berry
2014-2015Mr. P. Berry
2013-2014Mr. P. Berry
2012-2013Mr. P. Berry
2011-2012Mr. P. Berry
Year Treasury
2023-2024Mr. A. Perkins
2022-2023Mr. A. Perkins
2021-2022Mr. A. Perkins
2019-2020Mr. A. Perkins
2018-2019Mr. A. Perkins
2017-2018Mr. A. Perkins
2016-2017Mr. A. Perkins
2015-2016Mr. A. Perkins
2014-2015Mr. A. Perkins
2013-2014Mr. A. Perkins
2012-2013Mr. A. Perkins
2011-2012Mr. A. Perkins
Year Secretary
2023-2024Mrs. P. Smith
2022-2023Mrs. P. Smith
2021-2022Mrs. P.Smith
2019-2020Mrs. P.Smith
2018-2019Mrs. P.Smith
2017-2018Mr. R.Needham
2016-2017Mr. R.Needham
2015-2016Mr. R.Needham
2014-2015Mr. R.Needham
2013-2014Mr. D. Williams
2012-2013Mr. D. Williams
2011-2012Mr. D. Williams

League Tables

Division 1

Year Winners Runners Up
2022-2023Pellon ATodmorden USC B
2021-2022Todmorden USC BPellon D
2019-2020Ripponden Cons ALee Mount A
2018-2019King X WMC APellon D
2017-2018Moorside BBelgrave B
2016-2017Ripponden ConsHill Crest B
2015-2016Todmorden USC BMoorside B
2014-2015Heptonstall ABelgrave A
2013-2014Moorside BBelgrave A
2012-2013King X CBA ABolton Brow B
2011-2012Pellon CBolton Brow B

Division 2

Year Winners Runners Up
2022-2023Mytholmroyd BLee Mount C
2021-2022Pellon CPellon A
2019-2020Triangle CCRipponden Cons B
2018-2019Moorside ATodmorden USC B
2017-2018Pennine BLee Mount A
2016-2017Mytholmroyd AHill Crest A
2015-2016Bolton Brow BCath. Memorial A
2014-2015Todmorden USC BPellon D
2013-2014Siddal BKing X Sports B
2012-2013Hill Crest ABelgrave B
2011-2012Mytholmroyd BPellon A

High Breaks

Category -70 to -21

Year Player Handicap Break
2022-2023King X WMC - J. Gallagher(Minus) 6052
2021-2022King X WMC - J. Gallagher(Minus) 6076
2019-2020King X WMC - M. Beck(Minus) 5594
2018-2019King X WMC - M. Beck(Minus) 5577
2017-2018King X WMC - M. Beck(Minus) 5071
2016-2017King X WMC - J. Gallagher(Minus) 6089
2015-2016King X WMC - M. Whaley(Minus) 65133
2014-2015King X WMC - J. Gallagher(Minus) 7080
2013-2014King X WMC - J. Gallagher(Minus) 7090
2012-2013King X WMC - J. Gallagher(Minus) 65119
2011-2012King X WMC - J. Gallagher(Minus) 70103

Only breaks over 50 are listed

Category -20 to +5

Year Player Handicap Break
2022-2023King X WMC - K. Taylor(Minus) 2044
2021-2022Heptonstall - W. Berryscr53
2019-2020West End - D. Parker(Minus) 1543
2018-2019Cath. Memorial - N. Collins(Minus) 2068
2017-2018King X Sports - S. Ashtonscr50
2016-2017West End - D. Parker(Minus) 1050
2015-2016Bolton Brow - P. Bridges(Minus) 1061
2014-2015Belgrave - C. Jackson(Minus) 2046
2013-2014Arden Road SC - J. Doughtyscr70
2012-2013Todmorden USC - L. Colclough(Minus) 1575
2011-2012King X WMC - I. Waller(Minus) 2052

Only breaks over 30 are listed

Category +6 to +35

Year Player Handicap Break
2021-2022Hill Crest - G. Swain+1541
2019-2020Ripponden Cons - R. Sharp+1030
2018-2019Todmorden USC - D. Brown+1032
2017-2018Arden Road SC - L. Coffey+2034
2016-2017West End - D. Pullen+2531
2015-2016Savile - S. Heald+1042
2014-2015Lee Mount - A. Bowe+1043
2013-2014Greenroyd - R. Depledge+1540
2012-2013Pennine - R. Barlow+1053
2011-2012Yorkshire Rider - M. Yasin+1538

Only breaks over 30 are listed

Cartlidge Cup

Division 1

Year Player Won
2022-2023Heptonstall - S. Goldsack17
2021-2022Todmorden USC - C. Smith16
2019-2020Heptonstall - G. Singfield21
2018-2019Ripponden Cons - N. Smith25
2017-2018Pellon - E. Whitehead21
2016-2017Bolton Brow - I. Mawer23
2015-2016Savile - D. N. Bacon25
2014-2015Savile - J. Burn22
2013-2014Heptonstall - G. Singfield23
2012-2013King X WMC - P. Craven26
2011-2012Pennine - A. Potts30

Division 2

Year Player Won
2022-2023Arden Road SC - R. Mccambridge17
2021-2022Savile - S. Cartlidge19
2019-2020Ripponden Cons - M. Steer17
2018-2019Pellon - H. Lindsey25
2017-2018Lee Mount - D. Parker23
2016-2017Heptonstall - S. Clifton22
2015-2016Todmorden USC - G. Wadsworth21
2014-2015West End - S. Pullen22
2013-2014King X Sports - S. Ashton20
2012-2013Belgrave - B. Moroney26
2011-2012Mytholmroyd - J. Senior27