2022-2023 Ripponden Cons Club

*Updated as of 18/05/2023

Ripponden Cons Club

212 Halifax Road, Ripponden, HX6 4BG
Telephone: 01422 822 297

Division 1 Teams

11 Same positionRipponden Cons ADivision 1227015490

Division 2 Teams

11 Down 1position(s)Ripponden Cons BDivision 22410014620

Ripponden Cons A

 DateHome TeamAway Team
H26/09/2022Ripponden Cons ABye
A03/10/2022Todmorden USC BRipponden Cons A
H10/10/2022Ripponden Cons ASavile B
H17/10/2022Ripponden Cons ABye
A24/10/2022Pellon CRipponden Cons A
H31/10/2022Ripponden Cons APellon D
A07/11/2022Lee Mount ARipponden Cons A
H14/11/2022Ripponden Cons ABolton Brow B
A21/11/2022Todmorden USC ARipponden Cons A
H28/11/2022Ripponden Cons ASavile A
A05/12/2022Cath. Memorial ARipponden Cons A
H12/12/2022Ripponden Cons AHeptonstall A
A19/12/2022Pellon ARipponden Cons A
H09/01/2023Ripponden Cons ABye
H16/01/2023Ripponden Cons ATodmorden USC B
A23/01/2023Savile BRipponden Cons A
H30/01/2023Ripponden Cons ABye
H06/02/2023Ripponden Cons APellon C
A13/02/2023Pellon DRipponden Cons A
H20/02/2023Ripponden Cons ALee Mount A
A27/02/2023Bolton Brow BRipponden Cons A
H06/03/2023Ripponden Cons ATodmorden USC A
A13/03/2023Savile ARipponden Cons A
H20/03/2023Ripponden Cons ACath. Memorial A
A27/03/2023Heptonstall ARipponden Cons A
H17/04/2023Ripponden Cons APellon A

Ripponden Cons B

 DateHome TeamAway Team
A26/09/2022Lee Mount CRipponden Cons B
H03/10/2022Ripponden Cons BPennine A
A10/10/2022Hill Crest ARipponden Cons B
H17/10/2022Ripponden Cons BKing X WMC C
H24/10/2022Ripponden Cons BArden Road SC
A31/10/2022Pellon BRipponden Cons B
H07/11/2022Ripponden Cons BBye
A14/11/2022Lee Mount BRipponden Cons B
H21/11/2022Ripponden Cons BHill Crest B
A28/11/2022King X WMC BRipponden Cons B
H05/12/2022Ripponden Cons BCath. Memorial B
A12/12/2022Greenroyd ARipponden Cons B
H19/12/2022Ripponden Cons BMytholmroyd B
H09/01/2023Ripponden Cons BLee Mount C
A16/01/2023Pennine ARipponden Cons B
H23/01/2023Ripponden Cons BHill Crest A
A30/01/2023King X WMC CRipponden Cons B
A06/02/2023Arden Road SCRipponden Cons B
H13/02/2023Ripponden Cons BPellon B
H20/02/2023Ripponden Cons BBye
H27/02/2023Ripponden Cons BLee Mount B
A06/03/2023Hill Crest BRipponden Cons B
H13/03/2023Ripponden Cons BKing X WMC B
A20/03/2023Cath. Memorial BRipponden Cons B
H27/03/2023Ripponden Cons BGreenroyd A
A17/04/2023Mytholmroyd BRipponden Cons B

Players Summary

Player P W L Scored Against
A. Sutcliffe523307322
A. Tiler18612868978
A. Wilson1971210401308
D. Shaw20101010541172
E. Griggs321218157
I. Wallace303151273
J. Barlow1037618736
J. Boakes21111014051482
J. Kershaw1108056
J. Sharratt22101212551294
N. Smith17611946963
P. Benson1138574676
R. Sharp743422426
T. Griggs1587842869
W. Campbell1248815850

These players have played at least 1 games this season.

Cartlidge Cup - Overall

Pos Club PLayer W P Scored Against Form
38 Same positionRipponden ConsJ. Boakes112114051482W W L L W 
45 Same positionRipponden ConsJ. Sharratt102212551294W W W W L 
52 Same positionRipponden ConsD. Shaw102010541172W L L W W 
74 Same positionRipponden ConsT. Griggs815842869W W L W W 
81 Same positionRipponden ConsA. Wilson71910401308L L W W W 
89 Same positionRipponden ConsA. Tiler618868978W W W W L 
90 Same positionRipponden ConsN. Smith617946963W L L W L 
112 Same positionRipponden ConsW. Campbell412815850L W W L L 
118 Same positionRipponden ConsR. Sharp47422426W L W L W 
123 Same positionRipponden ConsP. Benson311574676L L W L W 
126 Same positionRipponden ConsJ. Barlow310618736L W L W L 
128 Same positionRipponden ConsA. Sutcliffe25307322W L L W L 
134 Same positionRipponden ConsE. Griggs23218157W L W 
146 Same positionRipponden ConsJ. Kershaw118056W 
148 Same positionRipponden ConsI. Wallace03151273L L L 

Club Stats

Category Score Who
Player Biggest Winning Margin107A. Sutcliffe
Team72Ripponden Cons A
Team Highest Score72Ripponden Cons B
Team Biggest Winning Margin294Ripponden Cons B
Team Biggest Losing Margin139Ripponden Cons A
Team Player114Ripponden Cons A
Team Position115Ripponden Cons A
HighBreak39N. Smith

Registered Players

These players are registered but have not played a game this season.

Player Handicap
C. McDonald+20
D. Thomas+25
G. Reid+20
G. Whipp+25
J. Rigby+10
M. Rigby+15
w/o Ripponden Consscr