Calder Valley Snooker League 2017-18


Updated 05/02/2018

Website has now been updated with Week 21 results

Next League Meeting - Tuesday 6th February, 8.00pm @ The Pennine Club

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Entry forms for all this years competitions are available here


Season 2016/17

Individual Merit Final 2016/17, incl. Prize & Presentation Night

@ Moorside Club, Date: Friday 26th May, 8pm onwards

M. Beck (King X WMC) 2-3 M. Whaley (King X WMC)


Team Final 2016/17

@ Greenroyd BC, Date: Friday 12th May, 8pm

Pellon C W-L Belgrave B


Veterans Final 2016/17

@ Catholic Club, Date: Wednesday 19th April, 8pm

S. Lindsey +5 (Moorside) 0-2 M. Holmes +5 (Hill Crest)


Pairs Final 2016/17

@ King X WMC, Date: Friday 21st April, 8pm

S. Clarke & E. Whitehead +5 (Pellon) 0-2 T. Berry & J. Helliwell +5 (Bolton Brow)


Individual Handicap Final 2016/17

@ Hill Crest BC, Date: Friday 24th March, 8pm

T. McBride +35 (Mytholmroyd WMC) 3-1 C. Gornall +10 (King X WMC)

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