ALL Calder Valley snooker league games and meetings are SUSPENDED until further notice.

Hopefully the season will continue when we are informed it is safe to do so, this is regardless of teams wanting to play and both being in agreement. Some people show no signs of the virus and 2 teams playing on a Monday night could be disastrous.

Its in everyone's best interests and for the sake of others that we don't play.

I hope everyone stays safe, this decision is final.

Division 1 League Table

Position Team P Points
1 (Same position)Ripponden Cons A2285
2 (Up 1position(s)1)Todmorden USC B2377
3 (Up 2position(s)2)Lee Mount A2376
13 (Down 2position(s)2)Savile A2259
14 (Same position)Moorside B2254
15 (Same position)Bolton Brow B2249

Division 2 League Table

Position Team P Points
1 (Same position)Ripponden Cons B2494
2 (Same position)Triangle CC2490
3 (Up 1position(s)1)King X WMC B2488
14 (Same position)Pellon A2453
15 (Same position)Pellon B2246
16 (Same position)West End B2443

Cartlidge Cup Division 1

Position Club Player W
1 (Same position)HeptonstallG. Singfield20
2 (Up 2position(s)2)Todmorden USCA. Hammond15
3 (Up 2position(s)2)Lee MountL. Whitton15
4 (Down 2position(s)2)Cath. MemorialA. Robertshaw15
5 (Up 1position(s)1)Bolton BrowJ. Helliwell15

Cartlidge Cup Division 2

Position Club Player W
1 (Up 1position(s)1)Ripponden ConsM. Steer17
2 (Down 1position(s)1)King X WMCC. Camplin17
3 (Same position)GreenroydD. Roy16
4 (Same position)MytholmroydJ. Haughey15
5 (Same position)Ripponden ConsJ. Boakes15