2018-2019 Fixtures and Results

Division 1 Week 30

*Updated as of 29/04/2019
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September 2018

WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
110/09/2018Bolton Brow A v Hill Crest B4 - 2Results
110/09/2018Heptonstall A v Lee Mount A4 - 2Results
110/09/2018Hill Crest A v Bolton Brow B1 - 5Results
110/09/2018King X WMC A v Pennine B6 - 0Results
110/09/2018Moorside B v Pellon C6 - 0Results
110/09/2018Ripponden Cons A v Belgrave B1 - 5Results
110/09/2018Savile v Cath. Memorial A4 - 2Results
110/09/2018Todmorden USC A v Pellon D2 - 4Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
217/09/2018Belgrave B v Moorside B3 - 3Results
217/09/2018Bolton Brow B v Todmorden USC A4 - 2Results
217/09/2018Hill Crest B v King X WMC A1 - 5Results
217/09/2018Lee Mount A v Cath. Memorial A1 - 5Results
217/09/2018Pellon C v Bolton Brow A4 - 2Results
217/09/2018Pellon D v Heptonstall A4 - 2Results
217/09/2018Pennine B v Hill Crest A1 - 5Results
217/09/2018Savile v Ripponden Cons A5 - 1Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
324/09/2018Bolton Brow A v Belgrave B0 - 6Results
324/09/2018Cath. Memorial A v Ripponden Cons A5 - 1Results
324/09/2018Heptonstall A v Bolton Brow B4 - 2Results
324/09/2018Hill Crest A v Hill Crest B5 - 1Results
324/09/2018King X WMC A v Pellon C4 - 2Results
324/09/2018Lee Mount A v Pellon D3 - 3Results
324/09/2018Moorside B v Savile5 - 1Results
324/09/2018Todmorden USC A v Pennine B4 - 2Results

October 2018

WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
401/10/2018Belgrave B v King X WMC A2 - 4Results
401/10/2018Bolton Brow B v Lee Mount A5 - 1Results
401/10/2018Hill Crest B v Todmorden USC A0 - 6Results
401/10/2018Pellon C v Hill Crest A2 - 4Results
401/10/2018Pellon D v Cath. Memorial A6 - 0Results
401/10/2018Pennine B v Heptonstall A4 - 2Results
401/10/2018Ripponden Cons A v Moorside B2 - 4Results
401/10/2018Savile v Bolton Brow A4 - 2Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
508/10/2018Bolton Brow A v Ripponden Cons A1 - 5Results
508/10/2018Cath. Memorial A v Moorside B2 - 4Results
508/10/2018Heptonstall A v Hill Crest B1 - 5Results
508/10/2018Hill Crest A v Belgrave B3 - 3Results
508/10/2018King X WMC A v Savile2 - 4Results
508/10/2018Lee Mount A v Pennine B5 - 1Results
508/10/2018Pellon D v Bolton Brow B4 - 2Results
508/10/2018Todmorden USC A v Pellon C5 - 1Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
615/10/2018Belgrave B v Todmorden USC A2 - 4Results
615/10/2018Bolton Brow B v Cath. Memorial A2 - 4Results
615/10/2018Hill Crest B v Lee Mount A3 - 3Results
615/10/2018Moorside B v Bolton Brow A4 - 2Results
615/10/2018Pellon C v Heptonstall A4 - 2Results
615/10/2018Pennine B v Pellon D5 - 1Results
615/10/2018Ripponden Cons A v King X WMC A4 - 2Results
615/10/2018Savile v Hill Crest A1 - 5Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
722/10/2018Bolton Brow B v Pennine B4 - 2Results
722/10/2018Cath. Memorial A v Bolton Brow A3 - 3Results
722/10/2018Heptonstall A v Belgrave B5 - 1Results
722/10/2018Hill Crest A v Ripponden Cons A2 - 4Results
722/10/2018King X WMC A v Moorside B6 - 0Results
722/10/2018Lee Mount A v Pellon C2 - 4Results
722/10/2018Pellon D v Hill Crest B5 - 1Results
722/10/2018Todmorden USC A v Savile2 - 4Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
829/10/2018Belgrave B v Lee Mount A0 - 6Results
829/10/2018Bolton Brow A v King X WMC A1 - 5Results
829/10/2018Hill Crest B v Bolton Brow B4 - 2Results
829/10/2018Moorside B v Hill Crest A5 - 1Results
829/10/2018Pellon C v Pellon D0 - 6Results
829/10/2018Pennine B v Cath. Memorial A4 - 2Results
829/10/2018Ripponden Cons A v Todmorden USC A3 - 3Results
829/10/2018Savile v Heptonstall A6 - 0Results

November 2018

WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
905/11/2018Bolton Brow B v Pellon C5 - 1Results
905/11/2018Cath. Memorial A v King X WMC A1 - 5Results
905/11/2018Heptonstall A v Ripponden Cons A1 - 5Results
905/11/2018Hill Crest A v Bolton Brow A6 - 0Results
905/11/2018Lee Mount A v Savile1 - 5Results
905/11/2018Pellon D v Belgrave B6 - 0Results
905/11/2018Pennine B v Hill Crest B6 - 0Results
905/11/2018Todmorden USC A v Moorside B4 - 2Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
1012/11/2018Belgrave B v Bolton Brow B1 - 5Results
1012/11/2018Bolton Brow A v Todmorden USC A0 - 6Results
1012/11/2018Hill Crest B v Cath. Memorial A2 - 4Results
1012/11/2018King X WMC A v Hill Crest A6 - 0Results
1012/11/2018Moorside B v Heptonstall A2 - 4Results
1012/11/2018Pellon C v Pennine B1 - 5Results
1012/11/2018Ripponden Cons A v Lee Mount A5 - 1Results
1012/11/2018Savile v Pellon D5 - 1Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
1119/11/2018Bolton Brow B v Savile4 - 2Results
1119/11/2018Cath. Memorial A v Hill Crest A3 - 3Results
1119/11/2018Heptonstall A v Bolton Brow A5 - 1Results
1119/11/2018Hill Crest B v Pellon C3 - 3Results
1119/11/2018Lee Mount A v Moorside B5 - 1Results
1119/11/2018Pellon D v Ripponden Cons A5 - 1Results
1119/11/2018Pennine B v Belgrave B1 - 5Results
1119/11/2018Todmorden USC A v King X WMC A4 - 2Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
1226/11/2018Belgrave B v Hill Crest B0 - 6Results
1226/11/2018Bolton Brow A v Lee Mount A5 - 1Results
1226/11/2018Hill Crest A v Todmorden USC A5 - 1Results
1226/11/2018King X WMC A v Heptonstall A5 - 1Results
1226/11/2018Moorside B v Pellon D1 - 5Results
1226/11/2018Pellon C v Cath. Memorial A1 - 5Results
1226/11/2018Ripponden Cons A v Bolton Brow B4 - 2Results
1226/11/2018Savile v Pennine B1 - 5Results

December 2018

WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
1303/12/2018Bolton Brow B v Moorside B4 - 2Results
1303/12/2018Cath. Memorial A v Todmorden USC A0 - 6Results
1303/12/2018Heptonstall A v Hill Crest A2 - 4Results
1303/12/2018Hill Crest B v Savile1 - 5Results
1303/12/2018Lee Mount A v King X WMC A1 - 5Results
1303/12/2018Pellon C v Belgrave B2 - 4Results
1303/12/2018Pellon D v Bolton Brow A5 - 1Results
1303/12/2018Pennine B v Ripponden Cons A0 - 6Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
1410/12/2018Belgrave B v Cath. Memorial A1 - 5Results
1410/12/2018Bolton Brow A v Bolton Brow B2 - 4Results
1410/12/2018Hill Crest A v Lee Mount A5 - 1Results
1410/12/2018King X WMC A v Pellon D2 - 4Results
1410/12/2018Moorside B v Pennine B6 - 0Results
1410/12/2018Ripponden Cons A v Hill Crest B6 - 0Results
1410/12/2018Savile v Pellon C5 - 1Results
1410/12/2018Todmorden USC A v Heptonstall A1 - 5Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
1517/12/2018Belgrave B v Savile5 - 1Results
1517/12/2018Bolton Brow B v King X WMC A5 - 1Results
1517/12/2018Cath. Memorial A v Heptonstall A4 - 2Results
1517/12/2018Hill Crest B v Moorside B6 - 0Results
1517/12/2018Lee Mount A v Todmorden USC A2 - 4Results
1517/12/2018Pellon C v Ripponden Cons A0 - 6Results
1517/12/2018Pellon D v Hill Crest A1 - 5Results
1517/12/2018Pennine B v Bolton Brow A4 - 2Results

January 2019

WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
1607/01/2019Belgrave B v Ripponden Cons A1 - 5Results
1607/01/2019Bolton Brow B v Hill Crest A5 - 1Results
1607/01/2019Cath. Memorial A v Savile2 - 4Results
1607/01/2019Hill Crest B v Bolton Brow A5 - 1Results
1607/01/2019Lee Mount A v Heptonstall A4 - 2Results
1607/01/2019Pellon C v Moorside B2 - 4Results
1607/01/2019Pellon D v Todmorden USC A5 - 1Results
1607/01/2019Pennine B v King X WMC A2 - 4Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
1714/01/2019Bolton Brow A v Pellon C5 - 1Results
1714/01/2019Cath. Memorial A v Lee Mount A6 - 0Results
1714/01/2019Heptonstall A v Pellon D6 - 0Results
1714/01/2019Hill Crest A v Pennine B5 - 1Results
1714/01/2019King X WMC A v Hill Crest B4 - 2Results
1714/01/2019Moorside B v Belgrave B5 - 1Results
1714/01/2019Ripponden Cons A v Savile4 - 2Results
1714/01/2019Todmorden USC A v Bolton Brow B4 - 2Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
1821/01/2019Belgrave B v Bolton Brow A1 - 5Results
1821/01/2019Bolton Brow B v Heptonstall A5 - 1Results
1821/01/2019Hill Crest B v Hill Crest A6 - 0Results
1821/01/2019Pellon C v King X WMC A1 - 5Results
1821/01/2019Pellon D v Lee Mount A5 - 1Results
1821/01/2019Pennine B v Todmorden USC A6 - 0Results
1821/01/2019Ripponden Cons A v Cath. Memorial A6 - 0Results
1821/01/2019Savile v Moorside B5 - 1Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
1928/01/2019Bolton Brow A v Savile0 - 6Results
1928/01/2019Cath. Memorial A v Pellon D1 - 5Results
1928/01/2019Heptonstall A v Pennine B5 - 1Results
1928/01/2019Hill Crest A v Pellon C2 - 4Results
1928/01/2019King X WMC A v Belgrave B4 - 2Results
1928/01/2019Lee Mount A v Bolton Brow B5 - 1Results
1928/01/2019Moorside B v Ripponden Cons A4 - 2Results
1928/01/2019Todmorden USC A v Hill Crest B4 - 2Results

February 2019

WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
2004/02/2019Belgrave B v Hill Crest A6 - 0Results
2004/02/2019Bolton Brow B v Pellon D5 - 1Results
2004/02/2019Hill Crest B v Heptonstall A2 - 4Results
2004/02/2019Moorside B v Cath. Memorial A5 - 1Results
2004/02/2019Pellon C v Todmorden USC A1 - 5Results
2004/02/2019Pennine B v Lee Mount A5 - 1Results
2004/02/2019Ripponden Cons A v Bolton Brow A3 - 3Results
2004/02/2019Savile v King X WMC A4 - 2Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
2111/02/2019Bolton Brow A v Moorside B4 - 2Results
2111/02/2019Cath. Memorial A v Bolton Brow B5 - 1Results
2111/02/2019Heptonstall A v Pellon C1 - 5Results
2111/02/2019Hill Crest A v Savile5 - 1Results
2111/02/2019King X WMC A v Ripponden Cons A2 - 4Results
2111/02/2019Lee Mount A v Hill Crest B5 - 1Results
2111/02/2019Pellon D v Pennine B1 - 5Results
2111/02/2019Todmorden USC A v Belgrave B4 - 2Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
2218/02/2019Belgrave B v Heptonstall A5 - 1Results
2218/02/2019Bolton Brow A v Cath. Memorial A2 - 4Results
2218/02/2019Hill Crest B v Pellon D5 - 1Results
2218/02/2019Moorside B v King X WMC A1 - 5Results
2218/02/2019Pellon C v Lee Mount A2 - 4Results
2218/02/2019Pennine B v Bolton Brow B4 - 2Results
2218/02/2019Ripponden Cons A v Hill Crest A1 - 5Results
2218/02/2019Savile v Todmorden USC A5 - 1Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
2325/02/2019Bolton Brow B v Hill Crest B6 - 0Results
2325/02/2019Cath. Memorial A v Pennine B2 - 4Results
2325/02/2019Heptonstall A v Savile5 - 1Results
2325/02/2019Hill Crest A v Moorside B6 - 0Results
2325/02/2019King X WMC A v Bolton Brow A4 - 2Results
2325/02/2019Lee Mount A v Belgrave B4 - 2Results
2325/02/2019Pellon D v Pellon C3 - 3Results
2325/02/2019Todmorden USC A v Ripponden Cons A2 - 4Results

March 2019

WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
2404/03/2019Belgrave B v Pellon D1 - 5Results
2404/03/2019Bolton Brow A v Hill Crest A1 - 5Results
2404/03/2019Hill Crest B v Pennine B4 - 2Results
2404/03/2019King X WMC A v Cath. Memorial A6 - 0Results
2404/03/2019Moorside B v Todmorden USC A1 - 5Results
2404/03/2019Pellon C v Bolton Brow B6 - 0Results
2404/03/2019Ripponden Cons A v Heptonstall A5 - 1Results
2404/03/2019Savile v Lee Mount A4 - 2Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
2511/03/2019Bolton Brow B v Belgrave B1 - 5Results
2511/03/2019Cath. Memorial A v Hill Crest B3 - 3Results
2511/03/2019Heptonstall A v Moorside B1 - 5Results
2511/03/2019Hill Crest A v King X WMC A2 - 4Results
2511/03/2019Lee Mount A v Ripponden Cons A1 - 5Results
2511/03/2019Pellon D v Savile6 - 0Results
2511/03/2019Pennine B v Pellon C4 - 2Results
2511/03/2019Todmorden USC A v Bolton Brow A5 - 1Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
2618/03/2019Belgrave B v Pennine B2 - 4Results
2618/03/2019Bolton Brow A v Heptonstall A4 - 2Results
2618/03/2019Hill Crest A v Cath. Memorial A4 - 2Results
2618/03/2019King X WMC A v Todmorden USC A5 - 1Results
2618/03/2019Moorside B v Lee Mount A6 - 0Results
2618/03/2019Pellon C v Hill Crest B1 - 5Results
2618/03/2019Ripponden Cons A v Pellon D4 - 2Results
2618/03/2019Savile v Bolton Brow B4 - 2Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
2725/03/2019Bolton Brow B v Ripponden Cons A5 - 1Results
2725/03/2019Cath. Memorial A v Pellon C            
2725/03/2019Heptonstall A v King X WMC A4 - 2Results
2725/03/2019Hill Crest B v Belgrave B2 - 4Results
2725/03/2019Lee Mount A v Bolton Brow A5 - 1Results
2725/03/2019Pellon D v Moorside B2 - 4Results
2725/03/2019Pennine B v Savile1 - 5Results
2725/03/2019Todmorden USC A v Hill Crest A2 - 4Results

April 2019

WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
2801/04/2019Belgrave B v Pellon C3 - 3Results
2801/04/2019Bolton Brow A v Pellon D1 - 5Results
2801/04/2019Hill Crest A v Heptonstall A5 - 1Results
2801/04/2019King X WMC A v Lee Mount A1 - 5Results
2801/04/2019Moorside B v Bolton Brow B5 - 1Results
2801/04/2019Ripponden Cons A v Pennine B2 - 4Results
2801/04/2019Savile v Hill Crest B4 - 2Results
2801/04/2019Todmorden USC A v Cath. Memorial A6 - 0Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
2908/04/2019Bolton Brow B v Bolton Brow A5 - 1Results
2908/04/2019Cath. Memorial A v Belgrave B1 - 5Results
2908/04/2019Heptonstall A v Todmorden USC A2 - 4Results
2908/04/2019Hill Crest B v Ripponden Cons A1 - 5Results
2908/04/2019Lee Mount A v Hill Crest A5 - 1Results
2908/04/2019Pellon C v Savile2 - 4Results
2908/04/2019Pellon D v King X WMC A6 - 0Results
2908/04/2019Pennine B v Moorside B6 - 0Results
WeekDateHome Team Away TeamResultInfo
3015/04/2019Bolton Brow A v Pennine B5 - 1Results
3015/04/2019Heptonstall A v Cath. Memorial A0 - 6Results
3015/04/2019Hill Crest A v Pellon D2 - 4Results
3015/04/2019King X WMC A v Bolton Brow B5 - 1Results
3015/04/2019Moorside B v Hill Crest B5 - 1Results
3015/04/2019Ripponden Cons A v Pellon C6 - 0Results
3015/04/2019Savile v Belgrave B2 - 4Results
3015/04/2019Todmorden USC A v Lee Mount A