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2019-2020 Triangle Cricket Club

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Triangle Cricket Club
Grassy Bottom, Triangle
Sowerby Bridge
01422 839784


Team Biggest Losing Margin
Triangle CC 67

Team Biggest Winning Margin
Triangle CC 98

Team Highest Score
Triangle CC 337

Team Lowest Score
Triangle CC 199


Player Biggest Losing Margin
W. Campbell 47

Player Biggest Winning Margin
W. Campbell 65

Player Highest Score
W. Campbell 112

Player Lowest Score
R. Sharp 29

Cartlidge Cup

15. J. Caufield     P21 W14

20. W. Campbell     P20 W13

28. R. Sharp        P23 W13

62. M. Powell       P18 W10

131. G. Reid         P13 W5

170. J. Morrisson    P1 W1


Team Division Position P Pts
Triangle CCDivision 22 (Same position)2490


Player Handicap P W L
w/o Triangle CCscr000
G. Reid+20*1358
J. Caufield+20*761
J. Caufield+10*101
J. Caufield+15* 1385
J. Gledhill+30*000
J. Mead+5*000
J. Morrisson+30*110
M. Powell+20*18108
R. Sharp+10*761
R. Sharp+5*1349
R. Sharp+10*330
W. Campbell+25*20137


Player Date Last Changed Handicap Comment
G. Reid25/10/2011New registration of transfer +20*Transfer from Ripponden Cons
J. Caufield09/09/2019New registration of transfer +20*Transfer from Ripponden Cons
J. Caufield25/10/2019Player has improved their level +10*Handicap changed from +20*
J. Caufield02/11/2019Player has not played as good +15* Handicap changed from +10*
J. Gledhill09/09/2019New registration of transfer +30*New Registration
J. Mead09/09/2019New registration of transfer +5*New Registration
J. Morrisson09/09/2019New registration of transfer +30*New Registration
M. Powell09/09/2019New registration of transfer +20*Transfer from Ripponden Cons
R. Sharp22/08/2018New registration of transfer +10*Transfer from Ripponden Cons
R. Sharp25/10/2019Player has improved their level +5*Handicap changed from +10*
R. Sharp14/02/2020Player has not played as good +10*Handicap changed from +5*
W. Campbell22/08/2018New registration of transfer +25*Transfer from Ripponden Cons
w/o Triangle CC08/09/2019New registration of transfer scrHandicap for the start of the season