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2019-2020 Arden Road Social Club

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Arden Road Social Club
Arden Rd
01422 362349


Team Biggest Losing Margin
Arden Road SC 116

Team Biggest Winning Margin
Arden Road SC 112

Team Highest Score
Arden Road SC 318

Team Lowest Score
Arden Road SC 155


Player Biggest Losing Margin
M. Ryder 60

Player Biggest Winning Margin
G. Wyatt 57

Player Highest Score
A. Swires 103

Player Lowest Score
M. Ryder 16

Cartlidge Cup

29. G. Wyatt        P23 W13

83. M. Ryder        P16 W8

85. A. Swires       P17 W8

95. L. Coffey       P12 W7

112. J. Dawson       P7 W6

140. D. Rayner       P10 W4

157. S. Ryder        P3 W2

182. M. Wyatt        P4 W1

184. J. Armstrong    P4 W1


Team Division Position P Pts
Arden Road SCDivision 28 (Down 1position(s)1)2475


Player Handicap P W L
w/o Arden Road SCscr000
A. Swires+20*1789
D. Rayner+201046
G. Dawson+35*000
G. Wyatt+15*770
G. Wyatt+5*1349
G. Wyatt+10*321
J. Armstrong(Minus) 10*413
J. Dawson+20*761
L. Coffey+5*1275
M. Ryderscr1688
M. Wyatt+35*413
S. Ryder+10321
J Dawson+15* 000


Player Date Last Changed Handicap Comment
A. Swires09/09/2019New registration of transfer +20*New Registration
D. Rayner09/09/2019New registration of transfer +20Transfer from Moorside
G. Dawson09/09/2019New registration of transfer +35*New Registration
G. Wyatt09/09/2019New registration of transfer +15*New Registration
G. Wyatt25/10/2019Player has improved their level +5*Handicap changed from +15*
G. Wyatt14/02/2020Player has not played as good +10*Handicap changed from +5*
J Dawson14/02/2020New registration of transfer +15* Handicap changed from +20*
J. Armstrong04/09/2017New registration of transfer (Minus) 10*Transfer from Moorside
J. Dawson09/09/2019New registration of transfer +20*New Registration
L. Coffey22/08/2018New registration of transfer +5*Transfer from Moorside
M. Ryder18/04/2016New registration of transfer scrTransfer from Moorside
M. Wyatt09/09/2019New registration of transfer +35*New Registration
S. Ryder04/09/2017New registration of transfer +10Transfer from Moorside
w/o Arden Road SC08/09/2019New registration of transfer scrHandicap for the start of the season